We created this piece gathering everything that is rendered invisible and that remains gravitating in tension, on the margins of the final result. To make sense and reflect upon our creative process, we staged a lecture performance to share our experience while composing Firytales by Luisa Valenzuela.

Photos by Robertino Franchignoni.

Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (12 FIBA) Work in Progress

As part of the 12th Edition of the Buenos Aires’ International Festival (FIBA 2019), Firytales participated in the Work in Progress Section together with other 7 productions, where selected fragments of the entire piece were performed. These included the stories “4 Princesses 4” and “You can’t stop progress”, both of them based on the tale “The Sleeping Beauty” and “The density of words”, a version of the story “The Fairies”.

Photos by Alejandro Carmona.